If you would like to write something special about Bob, please send it to the webmaster.  Your comments, observations, and/or stories will be added to this page and/or additional pages. Your submission may be a single sentence or as lengthy as you choose. Longer stories/reflections will be published in their own page.

We currently have different pages for stories. You will note that there is an additional navigation toolbar on the left. 

Please choose the type of story you want.  Cabotís tribute was read at the ceremony following the Friends Meeting. The first story on Mattís page was read at the Friends Meeting.  The Relatives page contains stories from relatives.  The last page contains notes and comments by others about how Bob affected their lives.  Also, some of the things coved in these stories can be viewed in the pictures page.

New stories will added to the appropriate page or new pages will be added depending on the length of the story.

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